Fly Fishing


New Outdoor Creativity.

„Fly Fishing is not about catching fish, it’s about fly fishing.”

(Peter Thomas, Invergarry, Scottish Highlands)

Fly fishing is more than fishing and catching fish. It’s not about throwing a hook with bait into the water and waiting. Rather, one is constantly in motion and experiences nature with all the senses. The enchanting location in a wild natural environment and the skillfully captured joy of having a fish on the hook make up the spirit and the enthusiasm for fly fishing. It is not without reason that this particular form of fishing in Scotland and Scandinavia is regarded as “the gentle art”, in which the ease and elegance of throwing are of the essence. And the small, artful bundle of feathers at the other end of the line is just the beginning of a great enthusiasm for nature and its interconnections in this ecologically refined hobby.

Like any art, fly fishing makes the world forget. When we get started in the morning, set the mobile ringer on “quiet” and roll out the map, and the clear sun rises above the mountains, we are filled with the anticipation of what this day of fly fishing will bring: calmness and serenity, an appreciation of the simple things and an intensity of natural observation, as well as the genuine joy in the beauty of what you do. And when hope, shimmering on the clear water, unfolds the attraction of an unlikely idea, fly fishing proves to be more focused than meditation, more exciting than a penalty shootout, and – at corresponding water temperatures – much cooler than skateboarding.

Fly Fishing is the angler’s sport for the ambitious and the accurate. Whether with the gentleman’s hardware of an old Scotsman or with the ease of modern equipment: fly fishing requires stamina. If you want to outwit a noble fish with a delicate fly, you have to endure. Long hikes along a rushing river or expansive sea coast are merely the preparation for a lucky occasion. And if that one precise cast succeeds and nature rewards us, fly fishing can just make you damn happy!

Ferox Featherworks gives fly fishing the unpretentious, modern, and creative expression it deserves. Our clothes are very comfortable and lend a good feeling of freedom and of being in touch with nature, whether you are out and about in the wild or in your city.