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Down the Warnow. Last summer we got together with the guys from WALDEN Magazine to explore one of the most beautiful and largely natural river landscapes in Northern Germany – the Warnow (theme flyfishing in issue 2/2016). The following is our small travel report and information about the river: Four figures sit relaxed in the shade

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Reading Hemingway

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Old Man & New Design. Nobel laureate Hemingway and his adventurous life need not be further mentioned at this juncture, with one exception: Hemingway was a fly fisher. And this particular work of modern world literature is an absolute must for every fan of this sport! If you have not read the fascinating story about

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Chile Spring 15

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Rio Petrohué. The first cool breeze blew ominously through the valley at dusk when we decided to change the diesel pump on our pickup. We parked on the roadside and shook the inner workings under the hood as if trying to pull the last tooth of an old man. When the first twinkling stars appeared

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A Mysterious Fish

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The Ferox Trout. How does a fish species actually count as mythical and mysterious? Well, you always have to swim deeply, at the bottom, where it is dark and eerie, in lakes as large as possible, in secluded areas; and then you have to surface every now and then. You should then look totally wild.

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