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Old Man & New Design.

Nobel laureate Hemingway and his adventurous life need not be further mentioned at this juncture, with one exception: Hemingway was a fly fisher. And this particular work of modern world literature is an absolute must for every fan of this sport! If you have not read the fascinating story about the Cuban fisherman Santiago for a long time or do not yet know it, you should take some time to do so. The story of the old man who goes out alone with his small boat to the sea and hooks a huge fish is simply a masterpiece: deeply touching, symbolically rich, and clearly told. Not your typical man-vs-nature novel, this work, rather, addresses existential coexistence. It’s all about patience, loneliness, strength of will, happiness, testing the limits, and the love for creation.

The Rowohlt publishing house, which has taken on the task of making Hemingway’s work shine in a new translation (german) and beautifully simple design, offers “The Old Man and the Sea” in three different editions: as hardcover (18,95 €), as paperback ( 8,99 €), and recently also as a special edition in a small hardcover version (10,00 €). This small, bound edition is our absolute favorite. It’s got style and fits perfectly into every jacket pocket!

On the publishing page, you can download the first pages of the story as a PDF. Click here to read the sample Extract (in german)

For friends of books that have less text and more pictures, the impressively illustrated graphic novel from Knesebeck Verlag is recommended. The graphic artist and illustrator Thierry Murat has captured the battle between man and fish in clear, moving drawings and has managed to elaborate the archaic and the existential in this unique novella.



Ernest Hemingway: „Der alte Mann und das Meer“
Verlag: Rowohlt Taschenbuch
Gebundene Sonderausgabe, 160 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-499-26935-6
Preis: 10,00 Euro


9783868739275Thierry Murat, Ernest Hemingway: „Der alte Mann und das Meer. Nach Ernest Hemingway“
Verlag: Knesebeck
Graphic Novel, Hardcover, 128 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-86873-927-5
Preis: 19,95 Euro

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